The investment landscape is becoming increasingly challenging, competitive and complex. Everyone is searching further and wider for new information, thinking and ideas, to find a competitive edge and to achieve better outcomes. Yet at the same time, investors want to feel like they’re on solid ground as they move forward.

Amidst all that change, Frontier Advisors harnesses our experience, track record and bespoke solutions to guide our partners to new horizons, bigger vistas and better opportunities.

To do that we have to be different.

That means partnering with our clients to navigate a different path to the staid global brands that import tired solutions from the multinational conveyor belt. Offering bespoke solutions suited to the local environment and conditions, rather than packaging and presenting off-the-shelf, “cookie- cutter” solutions. Committing to our long history of fearless and independent advice, and putting our partners’ interests and needs before anything else.

A dynamic investment landscape is not a time for standing still.

We believe success is found at the intersection of experience and innovation, collaboration and courage. Now more than ever, this is a time for forward thinking. Collaborating with our partners by moving early to uncover and explore alternatives. Staying agile to grab opportunities. Capitalising on our experience and track record to help ensure the success of our partners, and the outcomes of those they serve.

Who are we?

Frontier Advisors is Australia’s leading independent asset consultant. We have been successfully advising Australian institutional investors for over two decades. With some of the nation’s leading analysts and advisors in our team, we provide advice to institutional investors who collectively manage more than $375 billion in assets across the superannuation, charity, public sector and higher education sectors.

Our award winning technology supports our advice delivery and gives access to our tools and research facilitating a collaborative approach to working with our clients. And, the fact our advice is free of any product, manager or broker conflicts, means we are aligned with our clients best interests and can focus firmly on tailoring optimal solutions and opportunities for them.

Client services

At Frontier we have built a collaborative consulting model because we want to work with our clients as partners.

All of our investment staff have direct client contact which gives Frontier a very strong client-to-consultant ratio. Our service teams are skilled at taking technical concepts and making them accessible for all levels in the decision making tree. We write our reports so they are clear and cohesive, rather than unnecessarily complicated or full of irrelevant detail.

We believe that enables strong and confident decision making.

Each of our clients, and those they represent, is unique. We embrace and enjoy the variety in needs, styles and objectives of our individual clients and we actively collaborate with them using our experience and insights to bolster internal ideas and thinking to ensure success.

We believe the lengthy tenure of our clients, the majority of whom we have worked with for more than a decade, provides a clear endorsement of the effectiveness and depth of our professional relationships.

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