The single most important measure of Frontier’s success is the long-term performance of our clients. We have an impressive record of helping our clients achieve sustained outperformance against both their competitors and their investment objectives.

To use the superannuation sector as a means of comparison, whether looking at a decade of annual periods, or looking at a five or ten period, our clients are used to coming out in front against the median returns of Australian superannuation funds.

In seven out of ten years Frontier clients, in aggregate, have outperformed the median fund. This shows consistent outperformance, however, it is over the long-term, the most critical metric to be judged against, where our results demonstrate noticeably superior outcomes. For example, over the five years to 31 December 2019, our median client added an extra 1.3% per annum over the median fund.

We are proud to have helped our clients achieve performance that is ahead of the pack. Consistently.

Yearly performance

Longer-term performance

Disclaimer: * Current Frontier clients included are: AustralianSuper, HESTA, Cbus, VicSuper, Vision Super, Media Super, BUSSQ, First Super, Mercy Super, and NGS Super
Median fund calculation includes 151 funds for the 5 year number and 105 for the 10 year number. Both to 31 December 2019.

*Source: SuperRatings Fund Crediting Rate Balanced Options Survey

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