What we do

Frontier’s focus is the provision of investment and related advice and research. This, along with our commitment to independence, defines what we do. Download our investment philosophy statement to find out more about what we do and how we do it.

We are dedicated to being innovative and delivering market leading professional services to institutional investors looking for a long-term competitive edge. We work as a team in partnership with our clients, pioneering creative business and investment solutions.

What we believe

We believe risk isn’t about fear, it is about opportunity. We believe in being fearless, so we tell our clients like it is, and show them how it could be. We believe we can learn by looking back, but we grow by looking forward.

Investment return is the sum of all risk, opportunity, expertise and costs.

Having the best managers and products is vital, but we believe asset allocation is the key determinant of long-term returns. All assets and asset classes have a price to buy and a price to sell and we believe downside protection is as important as capturing upside gains.

We believe medium-term risks and opportunities should be managed dynamically to achieve a smoother return path and to provide cumulative, incremental value.

We have a firm belief in the importance of meeting investment managers face to face, and on their home turf. We use our GIRA partners to inform our views on local suppliers and help define the opportunity set – but then we see for ourselves and form our own judgements. Our understanding of global offerings and markets is garnered first-hand, supported by the global reach of our GIRA partners.

All ideas, managers and investments must justify their place in a portfolio across risk, return and cost dimensions. Research adds value, drives innovation and confirms investment strategies. We use both quantitative tools and qualitative views to inform our research and advice and to add value for our clients. And of course, implementation matters.


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