The Four Pillars

Today’s investors require creative and powerful solutions customised for their business. They demand advice customised to their needs and that will work in the competitive and challenging Australian institutional investment market. Bespoke solutions rather than off-the-shelf or imported ideas from the multinational conveyor belt.

That is why Frontier’s unique four pillars approach centres on clients and each client’s experience of our work. The four pillars help our clients find a competitive edge and to achieve better outcomes. They help clients in a way that is both different and progressive – it is an approach suited to today’s investment landscape, capitalising on our experience and track record to ensure the success of our clients and optimised outcomes for those they serve.

Alignment and focus

Alignment and focus comes through our commitment to providing pure advice and research without links to investment products, implemented solutions or commissions. Because we don’t offer our own investment or superannuation products it means not competing with our clients over funds, ideas, or even members, and not trying to sell them solutions that provide any commercial benefit to Frontier.

Alignment and focus also means we have a limited, rather than unlimited, group of clients to ensure we can maintain our tailored approach to advice and service so that our advice model is focused and uncompromised. And it means that the full energy, research and capital of the business is focused on a better result and advice for clients.

Knowledge sharing

Knowledge sharing means direct, immediate, continuous and open access to our experts, our expertise, our analytical tools and our data. It means working with clients to uncover and explore alternatives

This is facilitated through our collaborative consulting model. We’ve moved on from the old consultant model of safeguarding our ideas and templated advice. We’d rather work with our clients and we invite them to directly access our research in real time, and utilise our analysis and tools to conduct their own investigation and inform their thinking and conversations with us

We actively take steps to ensure our clients gain a full appreciation and understanding, not just of what we’re recommending, but why and how it will work.


Customisation comes through our ability to provide a tailored approach for each of our clients. We work hard to keep our consultant to client ratio strong to ensure we can design and deliver customised solutions that work in Australia’s complex investment, regulatory and competitive industry environment rather than broad ideas ill-fitted to individual clients.

Our clients choose the way we deliver our advice which is tailored depending on each individual client’s needs and preferences. For example, when searching for a manager, we can provide a long list to consider, or a short list, or even a single recommendation. You choose.

Client empowering technology

Client empowering technology sets Frontier apart in our market. A commitment to invest in technology and the resultant development of our Partners Platform powers our unique approach to investment consulting. The Partners Platform is an award winning collection of proprietary software solutions which provides access to the information, research and tools we use to develop our thinking and advice. It provides clients with our research, analytics and publications all in one place: real time, where you need it, when you need it. And it’s an evolving system responding to client needs and growing with clients.

Increasingly our clients are adopting our tools to realise efficiency gains, enhance analysis and reporting and harvest their own ideas. Our clients can use these tools to work collaboratively with us, or to perform their own research and analysis to develop their own conclusions.

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