NGS Super continues with Frontier

October 11, 2018

NGS Super has re-appointed Frontier Advisors as its asset consultant.

The Fund, which manages more than $9 billion of retirement savings on behalf of around 100,000 members from the non-government education, mutual finance and community sectors, has completed a market review and tender with assistance from Deloitte. Frontier, who has been advising the Fund since 2015, was assessed as the leading candidate and has been reappointed for another three-year term.

NGS Super Chief Executive Officer, Laura Wright is pleased to continue the relationship with Frontier and notes the firm’s ability to support NGS Super’s future plans as being key in the decision to reappoint them as the Fund’s asset consultant.

“Our relative investment performance has continued to improve over the last three years, with the last twelve months top quartile performance demonstrating that the contributions by Frontier and the working relationship with the internal investment team and investment committee are functioning well and we look forward to this continuing into the future.  Although there are many drivers of these results, the contributions from Frontier over this time has been an important factor.

“We have clear growth strategies in place for the Fund and a large part of this strategy involves continuing to achieve the best risk adjusted return outcomes so we can help our members achieve their retirement goals. The collaborative and aligned approach to consulting that Frontier has developed, together with their depth of knowledge and advanced technology offering, demonstrated to us that Frontier will continue to be a leading investment advisor in the years ahead”, said Laura.

Frontier CEO, Andrew Polson welcomed news of the decision.

“We’re very proud of the work we have completed with NGS Super and very pleased to be able to continue that partnership. As an incumbent you always hope to be reappointed by clients when they test the market, but it is great to receive the reassurance that the advice, service and technology we are offering has been judged as the best available”, said Andrew.