Investment ideas

Different investors have different needs around advice, support and information. At Frontier, we scale and tailor our services from one-off projects through to full portfolio advice. We can offer a complete service solution for smaller investors through to supporting strong internal teams with deep research into opportunistic areas.

We work with clients across a number of areas such as:

  • setting objectives and policy;
  • strategic and dynamic asset allocation;
  • capital markets insights;
  • portfolio configuration;
  • sector research and analysis; and
  • manager research and selection.

In an age of increased expectation for Boards to be assertive in their scrutiny of consultants and management, we also offer assurance and second opinion work to provide confidence and clarity.

Our sector research teams are powered by senior staff with deep specialist knowledge and experience, and fed by the input of our Capital Markets and Asset Allocation Team, and of course our GIRA partners. Our team matrix approach encourages cross-fertilisation of ideas and integration of thinking across portfolios.