Our interactive research portal, Mercury, lets you access our research ratings and insights to help you with the management and oversight of your own portfolio. With real-time monitoring and analysis of your managers, Mercury puts the information, due diligence and insights you need at your fingertips.

Bespoke modules can solve your governance management challenges, refine your investment processes, and even let you create your own research library. Make Mercury the core of your functional investment monitoring program.

Buy and bundle the modules you need to effectively manage your information and record keeping requirements, or purchase the entire Mercury suite.

Version Content
Mercury 1.0 Reports, ratings, details, updates and other information on all investment managers and products in your portfolio.
Mercury Plus 2.0 Extended to include reports, ratings, details, updates and other information on all managers (approx. 1,000) and products (approx. 3,000) we cover.
Compliance Module Centralised, regularly updated investment manager due diligence documentation to satisfy your compliance requirements and help you save time and money with the assurance  your documents are gathered, updated and stored securely.
My Notes Module Add your own private research notes in a secure database to supplement our findings.
My Mandate Module Add your full mandate information and records in a secure  and private database.
My Reporting Module Enables you to manage data collection and produce reports for submission to regulators, covering both ASIC’s RG97 and APRA’s SRS 702.0.
Mercury Premium 3.0 Full Mercury package.