Prism, our unique portfolio analytics toolkit will help you make both strategic and dynamic asset allocation decisions. Prism contains a range of interactive modules for quantitative modelling, testing market and investment forecasts, and relative/absolute superannuation fund performance and risk.

Prism provides easy to interpret instant graphical and tabular output making it perfect for reporting and discussion purposes. Its modular structure means we can work with you to develop new ideas and bespoke tools for your use.


Modules Application
Strategic Asset Allocation Risk/return 10-year forecasts for MICs, APRA dashboards and tailored SAAs
Advanced Strategic Asset Allocation SAA analytics using a Monte Carlo methodology with ability to model tail risk hedges
Dynamic Asset Allocation DAA analytics and scenario analysis
Risk Module Risk factor analysis, decompostition and stress tests 
Liquidity Liquidity stress testing tool
Forecasting Bespoke econometric forecasting tool
Climate Change Portfolio impact from climate change